Monday, July 29, 2013

San Francisco trip

Bonjour ma famille!

This week really hasn't been that different from the other weeks.  Elder Erickson's mom sends him a ton of stuff, we have a nerf hoop set up by the door that we play basketball on, she sent him a couple squirt guns so we have battles with the other districts in our hall because they have squirt guns and dart guns, it's quite the party haha! One of the district in our hall is almost entirely composed of international missionaries so we run in guns ablaze yelling, "For America!" and what not haha. This Wednesday the new missionaries got in, 28 in fact. There were 22 Tahitians so naturally we got all of them in our zone, because we are the only zone that they go into, we also got 6 others that are going to Montreal or other places, which makes me sad because I bet Cole would have been in my zone or the other French zone which is at least in our residence hall. Us two zones are the only two French zones in the MTC and most of the other zone is going to France. Most of the other zone got their travel plans to leave next week so it'll just be us and the new guys left. Our zone leaders are shipping out but they call the Tahitians as zone leaders to take their place because they'll be here for 12 weeks, those poor Elders...

San Francisco was good, not great. We had about one hour that we were allowed to walk around the city. We woke up at about 4 then left on a bus to the airport. When we got there it turned out that our flight didn't leave until 8:30 so... we had a lot of sitting around in the SLC airport. I think they ship all the missionaries at the same time so I walked around saying goodbye to the Elders and Sisters who were actually leaving and not just "daytrippers" as they called us. I saw Elder Caden Anderson leaving for Florida and a couple others.  I've gotta say the greatest feeling in the world is walking around SLC airport with a suit and missionary plaque on, and since we had around 3-4 hours before our flight we did a lot of walking around. People were always coming up and talking to us or shouting across, "It's the missionaries!" The best was talking to people and acting like we could only speak French haha. We walked around quite a bit before me, Elder Lewis, Elder Fraley, and Elder Lever got on the plane. It was a short flight and I fell asleep. Elder Lewis flinched in his sleep or something, hit me, and woke me up. Elder Lever was laughing hysterically because "apparently" the stewardess was tapping me on the shoulder for a long time trying to wake me up for a drink. Then Elder Lewis spilled his water on his pants. When we got to San Fran I had to hail a taxi and get us to the consulate. We got there an hour early for our appointment so we decided to walk around. We went to china town because it was right close to it. We ate lunch then went back for our appointment. It lasted about 30 minutes. We got called in, had our fingers scanned, handed over our passports, then they signed a bunch of papers and we were done. They gave us serious instruction to go straight back to the airport afterwords so we decided to "follow with exactness". Sadly we didn't get to see much of the city and when we got back to the San Francisco airport we had to wait about 4 more hours until our flight. So basically our whole day consisted of sitting in the airport.

There wasn't to much else going on, if I miss something or think of something I'm going to write a handwritten one after this to send you so I'll get it there hopefully. I can only write on P-days so that's the only time I can send letters. But I have a LOT of time to write so I've written a lot of people back who have written me.

I'm going to finish the questions in my written letter so I can get photos on sorry.

I love you all so very much and I love hearing from you!!!

Avec amour,
Elder Call

                                       Missionaries walking to the Marriott Center

                                                 Pinata in the hall for an Elder's birthday

                                                     Me and Elder Lewis at the airport

           San Francisco

 "How many smarties can we get in Elder Lewis' mouth before he wakes up"?

 Same picture we took in Chinatown last time we were there!

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