Monday, July 22, 2013

I'm going to San Francisco!...Tomorrow!

Bonjour ma famille!

 This week was really slow. Everything is very repetitive but it's moving along. I heard a saying from our zone leaders, "Days feel like a week and weeks feel like days". It's so true because I feel like every day is FOREVER especially sitting in class all day. But it's been pretty good.  Are you ready for the big news of the week? I'M GOING TO SAN FRANSISCO TOMORROW!!!!! I'm so excited to take a little missionary vacation somewhere else. We have to wake up at 4:00 in the morning so that we can report at 4:30. Of course I'm the travel leader being the first in alphabetical order so they handed me $130 bucks for a cab to and from the French Consulate in San Fran and I have to get me and the 3 French West Indies guys (Elders:  Lever, Lewis, Fraley, and myself) to and from the Consulate so... wish me luck. I'll tell you all about it next week I guess!

 The French is still progressing, not as fast as it had before but it's coming along. Right now we are working on the tenses like past tense and future tense, all that fun stuff. It's hard because you have to conjugate être (to be) or avoir (to have) then you have to do special conjugation for the verb you did in the past, it's all confusing. J'ai écrité une lettre, for example. At least I hope I got that right. It's easier saying than writing it, but I guess that's good. They have a whole different set of words that they only use for writing which makes reading Le Livre de Mormon trés dificile, mais je suis étre meiux Je pense. If google translate doesn't catch that I meant to say "very difficult but I'm doing better" I think. On to the questions!!!

 1)Did you get the last envelope package?
Yes I got it but it's just sitting in my room and the corner ripped when I was opening the package...oops

 2)Are you still hungry all the time?
Well that depends on the time, If you catch me during the day I've eaten so much that it's kinda gross but I have to if I wish to make it for the last 6 hours of the day that I sit in the classroom.  I have been sneaking snacks around in my pocket a lot which is nice. At about 10:00 in our residence everyone empties out into the hall and starts trading junk food.  We have this tall Spaniard (I spelt that wrong but you get it) Elder Rois Garcia, but we just call him Elder Rois, who is really hilarious, he keeps asking me for chips in his accent, he doesn't know that much English and it's kinda funny. I popped some popcorn you sent me (thank you by the way) and he came up and said, "You buy?" I said you sent it to me and his eyes lit up and he was all, "Oh, I love your mom!" then he grabbed a handful and walked away. Honestly we have so much food that everyone is trying to get rid of it.

3)Is there anything you need me to send you?
I need another pair of socks, my black ones ripped and could you also send some just plain underwear cause when we go to gym it's not so nice sweating in my G's... and also the tie holder keeps falling off and I have to pick up my ties all the time... haha your gonna give me a lot of crap for that one probably ;)

4)Are there 4 of you in your room going to West Indies?
Yep and we all go to San Fran tomorrow

5) What do you do on p-day?
Not much honestly, we sit and write and eat and do laundry. At about 6:00 we go back to classes though.

7)What do you do on Sunday?
Sundays are great, well the afternoons are.  As district leader I have to wake up at 6:00 like we usually do but everyone else gets to sleep till 6:30... I have to get up to go to breakfast because after sacrament meeting I have Branch meeting until about lunch then we study some more. After dinner we choose to go to choir practice which is actually really cool. The Director knows so much and he has a story for every single song we practice, so I sing on the Tuesday night devotionals at the Marriott center. So if you happen to be able to see one on T.V. I'll be singin'. Then we have devotional then we watch movies or video devotionals from General Authorities.

 Well I love all of you so much! I love getting letters from all of you! I would have loved to send you some pictures but I can't get it to work if I figure it out I will. Wish me luck in San Fran!!! 

Avec amour,
Elder Call

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