Monday, August 5, 2013

Apparently hair cutting ISN'T taught at the MTC!

Bonjour ma famille!,

Je vous aime beacoup! This week was perhaps one of the most spiritual weeks I have had in the MTC. At the beginning of this week Elder Fraley wasn't feeling too good, but none of us were too worried about it. He just had a cough and a headache mostly. But on Tuesday night he felt real worried about it and he asked if we could give him a blessing. He asked his companion Elder Lever to give him the blessing but it really surprised me when he asked me, as district leader, if I would do the anointing. I was super nervous because I had never been a part of one before. My hands were kinda shaky when I put them on his head but I felt so peaceful when I said the words that I had to look up a minute before because I didn't know them. It surprised me so much that he asked me because we've all talked before and everyone else has had experience baptizing friends or siblings and giving blessings that I assumed he would ask someone that knew what they were doing, but I'm so grateful for the opportunity.

Another incredibly spiritual thing that happened this week was during TRC, which I found out stood for Teaching Resource Center (it took me a while). We all had planned to be teaching members that volunteer so we planned our lesson accordingly, about how reading the Book of Mormon can strengthen testimony and how we can improve our studies. But when we arrived at the door before we walked in there was a man who stopped us as and said there was a change of plans. Instead of a member, an actual investigator was there! So we had to scrap our entire lesson and prepare for our first (actual) investigator. This time it was no joke though. So we got to teach Arnaud. He is from Shanghai, his mom is Chinois (that's french for Chinese) and his dad is french so he knew both French and Chinese and a good amount of English. He is 14 years old and here as an exchange student, a lady from the host family was there in case we needed help translating. He is probably the funniest kid I have ever met. We were supposed to take 20 minutes but we ended up going about 40 minutes, and I think we were laughing most of the time. He would get all into it and ask us all this questions and he would forget he was supposed to speak French and ask in English. Whenever he spoke in English he would slap himself to remind himself that we were supposed to speak in French. We taught him about the Livre de Mormon and shared with him our favorite scriptures, then right as we were about to wrap up he asked us why church was on Sunday. Elder Lewis and I looked at each other all, "uh.... well you see...uh..." We saw Frére Mayne giving us the "cut it" signal through the window, but we kept going trying to tell him in broken French about the creation and how the 7th day was a day of rest and sacred, it was tough. We left and I told him "Souvenez, n'fapper pas votre visage..." he got a kick outta that haha. The best part of it all was that I could just feel the love that the Lord has for him. It was enjoyable.

 Most of the other zone left today so now we are the oldest French district in the MTC. We're the next one out of here! Well Elder Erickson and Elder Eshiet leave a week before us, but still! We just made over halfway!! It still feels like a long way out though. I can't wait!! The residence is going to be really quiet until Wednesday when about 60 more French missionaries come into the MTC. Our zone is getting 17 and the other is getting 44! it's gonna be packed.

We didn't get to go to the temple yet mais je pense la prochain semain, at least that what the word on the street is. I have heard there is a new movie. It was the buzz of the MTC for a while. Seour Judas (from France) walked in and shouted it. She's pretty cool. We get off topic a whole lot in class when she comes because she's not really our teacher she just comes to help out when we have language study. Sometimes she starts yelling at us in French and we just sit there with blank faces having no idea what she said. She always laughs afterward though so I don't think she's serious about it. She teaches us all the random phrases like "quoi de neuf?" (what's up?) "Qu'est-ce que vous avez?" (what's wrong with you?) "Au vouleur!" (stop thief!) and so on.

French is awesome, I mean. Le francais est trés bien!  Nous partagons nos temoignages avec quelqu'un tout le temps et nous avons appredu tout le tenses. It's great we share our testimonies in French every night and have learned all the tenses.

So far I've gotten letters from most of the girls and emails from Dallin and Ryan

Tell Bri good luck with tennis and I love her!

Je vous aime ma famille!
Also tell Grandma and Grandpa thanks for the package, I don't have their address.

Avec amour,
Elder Call

                     "Where did my curly hair go?"  Tell Sabey the face is for her!

                                                   Elder Eshiet taking a little snooze

                                                   What we do in our spare time

                                         Elder Ruis leaving.  He says thanks for the popcorn!

                                                       The other zone leaving today

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