Monday, May 4, 2015

Zone Leadership Conference in Trinidad


What a week!  Talk about missionary vacation! haha  We were gone for way too long this week... We left Monday and got back Friday late afternoon.  I am going to speed through this rapidly because, I know you want to hear all about it but I am a little behind with all those pictures I sent, your welcome ;) haha Anyways, we drove all the way over to the border of Suriname and crossed the river again without problem.  The boat driver charged us way too much and the river was a little choppy so one of the ladies crossing with us was screaming at every rock and bump, but other than that I didn't have a problem.  Sadly I didn't end up getting them to accept the mustachio-ed visa at the consulate, so I had to get a picture that was mustache free, it would have been legendary if it had worked...  But now I have a visa that lasts 5 years to Suriname, not sure what I would possibly use that for...  In Suriname we stayed with Elders Hood and Helm.  They're good guys.  We called them the day before and we brought them some Guyane souvenirs and they got us some things from Suriname and we had an exchange, including root beer and Reese's and other American goodies :)

We left pretty early the next morning to get to the airport 2 hours early (which is mission rule for all international flights) The airport didn't even open for another hour... so we all hung out for a good while eating some goods that we picked up with the Euros we brought (We're rich in Suriname)

The first day of the conference we were all DEAD from traveling but we leaned a lot of cool things about the Oath and Covenant of the Priesthood and watched a training for the Quorum of the Seventy by the Twelve Apostles that Pres. Mehr got special permission to watch.  They talked all about the Sabbath Day, not going to lie, I felt guilty about a couple things . The Sabbath Day is really important and there are many blessings that we could miss out on if we don't use it to its most.

That night however, we stayed in the nicest Bed and Breakfast I had ever seen!  When we walked in, we just died at how nice the room was.  Man, I slept so good...  They even made us breakfast in the morning, pancakes and eggs mmmm...

The next day we focused on branch council and getting them set up and running smoothly in our respective branches . It was really cool hearing all the insights from all the corners of the mission who come from branches with different cultures and different problems and also different solutions.  I think Elder Smith and I represented French Guiana really well.  I feel like the branch here is a lot farther progressed then some others.

It was also great to see everybody again.  Most of them for the last time before we head out.  Elder Fraley, Elder Lever, Elder Johnson, Elder Glover, and all my other good buds from the mission.  The worst part of all of it was that it felt like a practice for the returning missionary fireside.... (gulp)  They had a testimony meeting and everyone was talking about how great the mission was...  I had to keep telling myself, "Whoa, whoa! hold up, I'm not done yet whats going on here?!  I've still got some time left!"  I'm not ready to die yet...

Well the rest of the time was about the same as getting to Trinidad.

At home we taught Valdir.  We had fasted for him and we saw an incredible miracle.  He had a complete change of heart and is now super excited for his baptism  on the 16th.  We were even thinking of moving it up a week, but I think we'll just leave it.  He is a great guy!

Things are all fine and dandy, I'm happy to hear that I'll be home for the wedding, you had me scared there for a little while.  I thought you didn't want to tell me because I wasn't going to be happy with what I heard... haha!

Love you all!

avec amour,
Elder Call

Yeah, so I had all of these pictures I use to get visas, and I didn't think I'd need them any more since I'm in my last area, so I had a little fun with them.  Well, it turns out I needed to get a visa to pass through Suriname on my way to Trinidad for Zone Leadership Conference.  The following picture is the visa application I submitted...

Needless to say, it was rejected.  Too bad because I look very French...

And in other breaking news...the tooth finally fell out.

This is something the Brazilians eat, it tastes like de-flavored raspberries.

On our way to the Guyane/Suriname border

The canoes to Suriname

Morning in Suriname

Night in Suriname

The Dutch Elders got us root beer!  

Gift exchange with the Dutch Elders

We stayed in the nicest Bed and Breakfast ever!


Zone Leadership Conference April 2015
Port-of Spain, Trinidad

 We made it back in time for the branch talent show on Friday night.  We played the recorder with one of the youth


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