Sunday, July 14, 2013

A second letter!!

We got home from Bear Lake Sunday evening and found ANOTHER letter in the mail!  I'm one happy mom!

Bonjour Ma Famille!                                                                            7/11/2013

Sorry if my last letter got to you later than my first day mom.  I can not find time to drop off letters.  Also I haven't been able to receive any mail because it has to be picked up by a District Leader, which we didn't get until tonight.

Which brings me to now...On the second day I have already been made senior companion (because my name starts with a C)  AND I became the District Leader!  So tomorrow I'll be able to get the mail along with all the other Elders' in my district.  Hopefully my wallet is in there somewhere??

Branch counselor Barker was telling me everything to do as a DL and there's so much that I've already forgotten it all.

Elder Lewis and I are supposed to teach our first investigator tomorrow!  ALL in French!  I'm super nervous but I think we can do it!  Learning French is amazing and I'm catching on pretty well.  Elder Lewis and I are going to our first companionship prayer. (en francais!)

Everything is kinda hitting me square in the face still.  There's so much stuff that it's hard, well, impossible to take it all in.  But I'm loving every second of it.

It's incredible how little time I actually have so I'm rushing a lot.  I can write in my journal today, I didn't have time yesterday.

Je vous aime ma famille!
Avec Amour,
Elder Call

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