Wednesday, March 26, 2014

March 16th letter, Aline got baptized!

Bonjour t à tous!

Wow!!  Dallin is going to Germany?!  Thats so cool!!  I hope you do realize that that adds another language to the list in our family!  Chinese, Spanish, French/Crèole, Portugais, Korean, Swedish, English, and now German!  I love it! haha!

I hope you are loving it in the other ocean!  Those islands probably aren't as beautiful but I guess they'll be good enough! hahaha I'm just kidding, I bet they are amazing!  I hope dad doesn't kill you driving on the wrong side of the road!

Oh!!!!  Big news!!!  I heard that Aline got baptised on Saturday!!!!!! I'm so happy!!!!!! AHHHHH!!!!

We found a really cool family this week.  The famille Villo.  We met this older lady at her house on Tuesday and she said we could come back Sunday.  When we did her sister and her sisters daughter and her sister's daughter's daughter were there, I hope that made sense.  But we got in and it did not seem like they wanted to listen to us at all.  They asked us if we spoke English and we said yes.  Then we spoke in Crèole and they just went nuts!!  haha  We didn't teach too much but they we so nice and they gave us cake and juice and we talked a lot with them.  We are going back Wednsday and I think it should be good!

The best part of the week was Sunday after we ate at a member's house we had an investigator there and a bunch of members too.  We (the missionaries) didn't even teach at all!  The members just went at it!  I was so excited, they bore so many testimonies, some in Crèole, but the spirit was so strong and the members afterward were very willing to come work with us after!  It was great!!

I love you all!!! outta time!!!!

avec amour,
Elder Call

This coconut is from our yard.  I cut it open and drank it.  It got all over!

Tropical beauty

Just a little chill day at the café in Ste. Luce

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