Monday, January 27, 2014

The President's coming!

Bonjour toute le monde!

I'm glad all of you could have a good laugh at my pain, even if it wasn't real pain.  I hope I didn't scare you too bad with the jam haha!  Luckily though we didn't have any bike problems this week so all is well there! We bought a bunch of locks to lock up just about everything that can be taken off the bike. Good luck taking my tires now! Haha

So with Aline she is doing well . We had to move back the day of baptism to after zone conference because her daughter was in the hospital and we couldn't get all the lessons in on time and now we have to wait 2 weeks because of zone conference, which is exactly NOT what we wanted but I don't feel worried for her, she is very ready and loves learning about the gospel. Her daughter is doing better now though.

It was a good week. On Saturday we knocked a door and a lady from Saint Domingo let us in and was really nice.  She gave us juice and we offered to help her finish painting her apartment. We didn't do it right then and there but she said we could come back and help her next week, we taught her a lesson and she seemed very open.  Another day all four of us put on P-day clothes and drove around looking for some guys playing basketball. We found some and asked if we could jump in and we played for about an hour, it was something different and fun and we met some good "potential-priesthood-holders".  We got their numbers and we gave a good first impression while having fun.

The president gets here tonight and that'll be the last thing we do today.   The president and his wife will stay in a hotel and the AP's will stay with us in our apartment.  It's going to be pretty crowded with 6 of us in there! I've also heard that it's one of the smallest apartments in the whole mission!  Tomorrow we will have a réunion de district with the president then our interviews.  After that the president and the assistants want to go on splits with us to see how we work (yikes) then at 5:00 we have a fireside with the branch that the president will speak at.  Afterwards we planned a barbeque in order to get people to come haha, just like at home. The Elders are making hamburgers!  Then Wednesday morning we will drive to the border, take a canoe across into Suriname, then a taxi to Paramaribo.  Then depending on the time we'll probably work with some Dutch Elders for the rest of the day.  Thursday is zone conference for most of the day and Friday we drive back and life returns to normal.

So that does cover most of what happened this week. Not too much happened different. We did go to Sister Anthony's house and she taught us how to make rôti. She is from Guiana anglais, which is mostly Indian. We made rôti with cracked peas in it and ate it with fish curry.  Its good stuff but you need to sit down a while after you eat it. You have to do that with a lot of food here haha.

I love all of you so much! I'm so glad to be here on a mission, I've learned so much and have seen the hand of the Lord work in peoples lives.  I know this work is true and I know that he loves all his children.  There is no way I could be here without His help.

Have a good week! I know I will!
avec amour,
Elder Call

Here are some pictures of us making the rôti‏.  It's a flat, round Indian bread, sort of like a tortilla.  You cook it on a griddle and then you eat it with curry.  You rip off a piece and you use the rôti to pick up the curry. In the picture I'm "clapping" it to make it all flaky.

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